Our Mission
Functional Esthetics, Inc. dedicates itself to being a valuable member of each of our dentists' health care team. To use our knowledge and talent to fabricate exceptional dental restorations that meet each patient's esthetic expectations and functional needs. Our commitment is to never lose sight of our potential to influence or improve a patient's quality of life.

Our History
Functional Esthetics, Inc. was founded by Phil Watkins CDT and the late Lynn Woodham CDT in 1977. Lynn departed in 1996, and Kyle Swan became a partner in 2001. Functional Esthetics is now owned by Kyle Swan CDT.

Functional Esthetics, Inc. was built and has prospered on the principles of doing the highest quality, and the most technologically advanced dental laboratory work. Functional Esthetics is extremely proud of the people who work here; technicians as well as support staff. Many of our technicians are certified, and several of them have taught courses to other members of the dental profession.